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Modern Standard Arabic vs. Classical Arabic

Learn Arabic Online: Arabic Language has different dialects that are spoken in different countries of the Arab world. It is not surprising at all to find different dialects spoken by a variety of people living in the same region. However, At The American Arabic Academy (TAA-A), we recommend to start learning Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) first. Later, we encourage students to select a specific dialect, which they want to specialize in based on their area of interest and learning goals. However, we need to understand the difference between Modern Standard Arabic and Classical Arabic.

Modern Standard Arabic vs. Classical Arabic

Learn Arabic Online. At TAA-A, we teach both types of language. They are derived primarily from the Arabic Language.

Let's learn about both the versions of the Arabic Language!

Modern Standard Arabia (MSA): It refers to the commonly spoken Language used by Arabs in modern times. MSA is the version of Arabic Language that you will not hear from every person on the street. It is the foundation of the Arabic Language. MSA is broadly used in teaching throughout the Arabic schools and foreign academies. It is the formal language that people use in books, formal meetings, media, etc.

Classical Arabic Language: Classical Arabic Language refers to the oldest version. It is the language of the Quran, religious texts, and old literary texts.

Join TAA-A (The American Arabic Academy) to learn more about Modern Standard Arabic and Classical Arabic. Learn Arabic Online with TAA-A.

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