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Schools and Universities Partnership

Online Students' Language Education

Experience Language Immersion Online and Bring Authentic Learning to Your Class!

Studying on the Grass

Would you be interested in giving your students a

unique language learning experience by providing

online live one-to-one or mini-group tutoring sessions

with highly qualified native tutors? Would you be

interested in inviting a virtual guest speaker to your

classes to talk about language and culture with your

students in the target language? We would be happy

to help.
The goal of TAA-A is to help students interact with

native speakers in an immersion experience from the

comfort of their homes. We know conversation tables

and tutoring sessions with natives are effective

resources to add to your classes to improve the

students’ proficiency and create a productive learning

Why Choose Us?
In partnership with us, we will work closely with your language program and support your language club and cultural events. We provide personalized sessions in Arabic. Our tutoring sessions are flexible, taught by high quality instructors, and adaptable to courses of different levels and students’ needs. You can share our plans with your students.


TAA-A partners with universities, colleges, K12 schools, private businesses, and government agencies. Our mission is to provide a high quality language, cultural exchange, and linguistics services. We are Convenient, Live Instruction, Affordable, and Flexible from anywhere at any time! Our Academic Programs are:

 ✅One-To-One Online Tutoring!

 ✅One-To-One Online Conversational Lessons!

 One-To-One Online Cultural Exchange!

 Virtual Guest Speaker!


Interested to be one of our partners, please CONTACT US!

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