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Register of Language

Occasionally we all experience verbal tongue-slip at times. However, these tongue slips can cause faux pass in professional life, which can affect us adversely. Thus, learning communication ethics and formality in tone is essential. Language registers are the necessary elements to decide the formality of language while writing and speaking.

For Example, You can start with your friends like: “what’s up, man?”

Whereas, formally you should ask your office colleagues like: “ Hello! What are you doing?”

These registers depend upon the factors like the audience (Who), location (Where), situation (When), Subject (what) and reason (Why). Let’s explore the five necessary language registers that would make you an excellent communicator, writer and speaker.

The Five Basic English Language Registers

High Formal Register

This level of language is used on formal occasions to address top authorities like the King, president or prime minister. This register is also called static register, and it never changes. For example, the speeches made at the wedding vow, Miranda rights, The US Constitution and The Quran.

Formal Register

The language tone is used in communicating with your boss, client and learning languages like Arabic, English, etc. for business purposes. It is essential to obtain knowledge about formal registers to converse professionally and in a reserved manner. It is also referred to consultative register as it can include technical, or academic terms as well. For Example School Speeches, Public Addresses, school lessons etc.

Neutral Register

Though it is called neutral, actually it is formal conversational language level that is used to communicate and engage with the other people routinely on mutually agreed subjects. For example; Business emails, letters, reports, presentations, business plains and communication between co-workers.

Informal Register

This register is used when communicating with friends or neighbors, writing messages or emails to friends or chatting with close colleagues. This register is also called casual register.

Vulgar register

The informal language used between close friends and family members.

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