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Arabic Culture Etiquettes


If you’re planning your next visit to any Arab country, be prepared to experience a whole new cultural difference. Considering you are from a western country, the etiquettes, hospitality and manners of Arabians that you will witness there will totally be shocking for you. The Arab protocols might seem off to you at first; however, with the passing time, you will come to know about the beauty underlying their customs, traditions and language.

While traveling to an Arab country, try to be respectful towards their culture because, for Arabians, etiquettes and kind gesture is everything. Always research, practice and comply with the etiquettes of the country you are visiting to develop a better understanding with the people at places you visit.

Top Most Etiquettes to Travel Any Arab Country!

If you are not sure of the customs and traditions to follow while traveling an Arab country, here are the necessary etiquettes to wander any Arab country around the world!

Modesty and Apparels: Modesty is the crucial player in Arab countries, and it reflects from their apparels. Wear clothes that mostly shield your maximum body parts. Let’s us explain its standard practices in Arab countries gender-wise to you:

Women: Arab women usually wear pants or long skirts, shirts with full-sleeves that covers the chest and neck thoroughly. Local Women wear headscarves; however, foreigners have free-will to do so.

Men: Usually, males wear shirts that cover their shoulders paired with long pants. Button-down shirts are considered more respectable whereas T-shirts are also fine. They also wear turbans to cover their heads.

Language: Mostly, Arabic is the national language usually spoken around the Arab countries. Arabians respect their language a lot, and thus before visiting any Arab country, it is better to learn a few phrases, words and sentences so that you can effectively communicate with people living there.

Religious Holy Site: Arabians are very religious and also considered the richest in their cultural heritage. Mosques, shrines and even mountains can be counted in their holy places. Therefore, women wear headscarves and males wear a cap on their heads as a sign of ultimate respect towards their God and Holy Places. You should be expected to be quiet, peaceful and respectful towards their worshipping places. Also, you might be asked to remove your shoes too to enter their holy sites.

So these are the Arabic etiquettes you must learn and follow before visiting any Arabic country.

Also, you can enroll in the American Arabic Academy (TAA-A) cultural programs to learn Arabic protocols.

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